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Photo of Ruth Fisher, PhD speaking at the Schedule 1 film screening

Dr. Fisher Speaks on Cannabis & Cancer Panel

06 February 2020

The short film, Schedule 1, was screened this week amid a panel of cannabis experts and a theater full of a captivated audience. Filmgoers were presented with a documentary with case studies demonstrating the tumor reduction properties of cannabis. The film was followed by a panel of experts discussing the evidence of cannabis's anti-cancer effects.


Dr. Fisher participated on the panel, where she discussed subjects such as the "whole-plant" effect and the entourage effect. 

"Cannabis is individualized medicine. To get the best results, users need to understand what they are doing when they use it," Dr. Fisher continued.

Furthermore, she explained how her book, The Medical Cannabis Primer, was a great resource for new users to medical cannabis to teach them about what they need to know in order to make better decisions about its use. During the panel and at the book sales booth, a significant portion of the audience expressed an interest in using cannabis to address a multitude of ailments.

The screening was in Carpinteria, California, so the theater was located amid a large number of permitted cannabis growing houses. Local residents were likely warm to the idea of medical cannabis use.